Inbetweener // Observer // (Re-) Searcher // Collector // Storyteller // Writer
I am a Rotterdam based artist and researcher, who works on socially committed projects. With a curious mind I explore contexts, communities and organizations by embedding myself in it. I have always been fascinated about trying to understand what drives people to behave the way they do. I find that by collecting stories and exploring peoples curiosities I am getting a better understanding of the systems and society we live in.
I am especially interested in urban (re-)development with a focus on community empowerment and inclusiveness. I look for “soft data” in the urban environment that often stays invisible in policy processes. With care, I find ways to make this “soft data” visible in order to rethink urban planning and change the process of gentrification.
      I call myself an “inbetweener”, since I always work in collaboration with residents, policy makers, local organizations and entrepreneurs. Observing, communicating, storytelling and designing (participatory) interventions are important methods in my way of working.  
  Contact me: boo.vandervlist@gmail.com +31620093838
    2014-2016 Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam
System D Academy – Temporary Master programme
> explores informal and self-organizing systems.
  2014-2016 University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Policy and Governance Studies
  2013 Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Bachelor of Fine Arts
  2013 University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Bachelor of Political Science
CURRENTLY WORKING     Rotterdam Arts & Sciences Lab (RASL) Coordinator Double Degree Researcher   Willem de Kooning Academy Tutor @ Social Practices   Erasmus University College Tutor @ Humanities Department     & Freelance   Former clients: Ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap, Het LKCA, Kennisland          

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