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Inbetweener // (Social) Designer // Artistic (Re-)searcher // Storyteller // Photographer // Innovator // Collector

I am a multimedia artist and researcher who works on socially committed transdisciplinary projects. Community building, culture change and sense of belonging are important themes in my work. I explore issues or themes by embedding myself in a context, community or organization. I call myself an inbetweener, since I always work on issues in collaboration with residents, policy makers, local organizations and entrepreneurs. In these collaborations I position myself as a mediator between a space, issue and the people connected to it. Observing, communicating, storytelling, and designing (participatory) interventions are important methods in my way of working.

With the aim of instigating change I create interventions to reframe issues and design tools of engagement. I fuel these by exploring peoples’ curiosities, collecting stories and gathering soft data. I try to debunk our societies categories and binary logic by fostering dialogue, embracing complexity and working on shared alternative scenarios. I do so by bringing worlds or groups together that seem to be opposite, like the worlds of arts and science, residents and policy makers or groups with competing political ideas or interests. I believe we need to work together to address the complex issues of the 21st century. It is in engagement and dialogue where we can formulate shared values and collectively shape our future society on a local level towards more inclusive neighborhoods, organizations and resilient communities.


Master of Science, Policy and Governance Studies (Cum Laude) University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2016)

Master of Fine Arts, System D Academy Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam (2016)

BA Political Science, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam (2014)

BA Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam (2013)

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